Lots of sun, low taxation

The island of Madeira has a surface area of 459 square miles (741 km2), (35 miles long and 13 miles wide).

Thanks to their excellent geographical location and mountainous relief, these islands have surprisingly balmy weather, with moderate humidity and pleasant average temperatures of 25ºC in the summer and 17ºC in the winter.

The sea temperature is also very mild, thanks to the influence of the warm Gulf Stream, averaging 22ºC in the summer and 18ºC in the winter.

Currently, tourism is the main driver and the biggest source of revenue of Madeira’s economy. In agriculture, banana production directed primarily at regional and national consumption, the flowers and the famous Madeira wine, also constitute an important contribution toward the regional economy.

The Autonomous Region of Madeira has about 270,000 inhabitants and a population density of 334.5 inhab./Km².

In spite of this population density being higher than the national average, 75% of the population of Madeira dwells in only 35% of the territory, mainly on the south coast. This is where Funchal, capital of Madeira, is located which includes 45% of the population (130,000 inhabitants), with a population of 1,500 inhab./Km². It is here that the majority of the hotels are located.

Source: http://www.visitmadeira.pt